Criteria For Discharge From Therapy Services

The Therapy Place provides treatment to children with special needs. We are dedicated to helping children achieve measurable progress and customize treatments and programming to ensure the most successful outcomes. Our goal is to help your child meet the goals you and your child's therapists and physician have anticipated. When that is not possible, we help families plan an appropriate course of action and guide them to resources that can help. Our criteria for discharge may be unique to each child, and can include:

  • The child has attained the long-term goals and/or referral concerns have been adequately addressed.
  • Caregivers and/or child have been trained in the recommended home program.
  • The skilled services of the clinician are no longer required.
  • The child has not demonstrated any significant progress over a reasonable amount of time (90 days).
  • The child's motivation is so low as to preclude therapeutic intervention or the child refuses to cooperate.
  • The child has other handicapping conditions or problems that need to be addressed on a priority basis; services may be temporarily discontinued to address these issues.
  • The child's parents request termination of services.
  • The clinician is certain that all feasible treatment methods have been explored.